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Timber WIKI is the platform for timber of short ways from forests in the Alpine region. It is also the platform for a Smart Places Network on regional climate-friendly timber.

Visitors of the platform can find here

+++ Actors in the Alpine region who advocate, use or thematically deal with timber of short distances,

+++ interesting places and stories about forests and timber from the Alps,

+++ Buildings that have been demonstrably built from timer of short distances,

+++ Opportunities to help shape active climate protection,

+++ interesting and useful information around the topic timber of short ways,

+++ Tools for different users such as planners and procurers to use and implement climate-friendly timber.

+++ and more.

The platform was developed by HOLZ VON HIER (Low Carbon Timber)as part of the Interreg V project CaSCo (Carbon smart communities). The project involved 11 partners from 5 countries. The platform is therefore available in different national languages. The platform will be maintained by the contact persons in the countries mentioned below even after the project has been completed.

Editors and Regional Supervisors

Publisher of the platform is HOLZ VON HIER gGmbH. The platform is maintained by the regional contact points mentioned below.

+++ Contact DE: HOLZ VON HIER office Germany. Contact persons: Gabriele Bruckner and Philipp Strohmeier

+++ Contact AT: HOLZ VON HIER office Austria. Contact person: Erich Rainer.

+++ Conact IT: ENVI Park Turin (c/o HOLZ VON HIER/Low Carbon Timer Italy). Contact person: Luca Galeasso.

+++ Conact SL: BSC Kranj (c/o HOLZ VON HIER/Low Carbon Timer Slovenia). Contact person: Helena Cvenkel.

+++ Contact FR: Rhônalpénergie-Environnement. Contact person: Etienne Vienot.

Support in other countries and regions:

+++ Contact LU: Wood Cluster Luxembourg (c/o HOLZ VON HIER/Low Carbon Timer Luxembourg). Contact person: Philippe Genot.

See addresses: Kontakte