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|Bauherr=Ville de Beaumont les Valence
|Bauherr=Ville de Beaumont les Valence
|Adresse=41 rue des Faures 26760 Beaumont Lès Valence
|Adresse=41 rue des Faures 26760 Beaumont Lès Valence

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Principal Ville de Beaumont les Valence
Address 41 rue des Faures 26760 Beaumont Lès Valence
Energy planning
year fo finalisation 2017
Construction costs € brutto 21 million €
Base area[m²] 4.413
Useful area[m²]
Cubage [m³]
Heating demand [kWh/(m²BGFa]
Heatingsystem 730 m² PV panels, positive energy building
Technical data other object types A Canadian well system was installed under the courtyard that feeds in the ventilation classroom ventilation through a Fan Assisted Natural Ventilation. • Bioclimatic architecture: direction of the building in reference to the wind currents and the sun. • Wall linings with 280mm wood fiber insulation • Reinforced airtightness • All carpentry products are treated with the NABACO process (an environ-mentally friendly process that guarantees the durability of wood.
Project description A passive school in Beaumont-Lès-Valence is conformed of 4 buildings around a central courtyard, each building with a specific purpose: class rooms to the north, administrative building to the east, common areas (lunch area and multipurpose hall) to the south and the east respectively and above the multipurpose hall, 3 staff accommodation duplex.
Construction material timber 900 m³ spruce and Douglas
Construction processing Inquiry, offer, contract, accounting Project owner: département de la DROME Maître d’œuvre : CHABAL Architectes, Architectes à Grenoble
Information on regionality Certified Bois des Alpes TM
Further information https://www.bernaud.fr/project/college-de-beaumont-les-valence/ https://www.ledauphine.com/drome/2017/05/13/c-est-le-college-du-xxie-siecle http://www.caue-observatoire.fr/ouvrage/college-marcelle-rivier/

Standort Frankreich 26760 Beaumont Lès Valence Koordinaten 44° 51' 39", 4° 56' 29"