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If You have questions - Get in Contact

+++ Your German contact point for questions is HOLZ VON HIER office Germany: info@holz-von-hier.de

+++ Your Autrian contact point for questions is HOLZ VON HIER office Austria: info@holz-von-hier.at

+++ Your Italian contact point for questions is ENVI Park Turin (HOLZ VON HIER/Low Carbon Timber Italy): luca.galeasso@envipark.com

+++ Your Slovenian contact point for questions is BSC Slovenia (HOLZ VON HIER/Low Carbon Timber Slovenia): helena.cvenkel@bsc-kranj.si

+++ Your French contact point for questions in Auvergnie Rhone Alps is: etienne.vienot@auvergnerhonealpes-ee.fr

See also the European website CaSCo:

CaSCo: www.alpine-space.eu/projects/casco/en/home

Your Timber.WIKI contact in general is:

HOLZ VON HIER gemeinnützige GmbH


http://www.holz-von-hier.de www.holz-von-hier.de]