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This page is a translated version of the page Produkte Objekte and the translation is 100% complete.

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If you are looking for sustainable products, you should make sure that they make a significant contribution to climate protection through wood of short distances. They should be products with which you can live healthily and safely. Environmentally friendly, authentic and at a fair price.

'Products made of wood of short distances. Here you can find concrete purchasing options for Low Carbon Timber. Products, i.e. products that have been produced regionally, either within the framework of regional initiatives or demonstrably particularly climate- and environmentally friendly with HOLZ VON HIER Certificate. Classical construction timber, high-tech construction products, innovative interior finishing products, furnishings, furniture, windows, doors, stairs, facades, floors, walls, ceilings, exterior wood, wood for special applications, gift articles, interior, energy wood and packaging, in each of these areas you will find on the following map already products made of verifiable wood of short distances

Suppliers of Holz von Hier and other regional timber finden.

Information on the most important construction product groups can be found under Product groups profiles.

From classic structural timber (picture), to the high-tech product ... Building products made of verifiable wood of short distances are available in every building sector (Photo: HOLZ VON HIER)

Objects and buildings that were constructed from wooden building materials of short distances, they are Low Carbon Timber Buildings. They combine in an optimal way climate protection through wood of short distances and regional added value. From modern and regionally typical private houses, commercial buildings or communal multi-storey buildings, to objects in the landscape.

Travel with us to objects in: Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, France and let us inspire you.

For information on how you can have objects entered and the "low carbon" conditions to which this is linked, see Low Carbon Timber.

At the end of 2018, the Alpine Space Regional Timber Award was presented for the first time to properties in the Alpine region that have a demonstrably low climate footprint of the timber construction materials used. You can find awarded objects here:

map of award winners

"'Best practice examples. Many public actors are trying in different ways to realize short distance wood in different applications. Without instruments such as those provided in the 'Low Carbon Timber toolkit', however, the targeted control of material flows is difficult or even impossible, and the realisation of such projects is to a certain extent a coincidence. Nevertheless, such examples show that it is possible to implement different structures with wood from regional sources. The following overview presents such examples from the different countries, which are, however, usually not backed up by verifiable proof of the short distances in the process chain.

Locations of objects made from local wood

Representation buildings and special buildings like here the EXPO roof are an eye-catcher ... but the main mass of wood flows into the private house building (Foto: B&S)