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This page is a translated version of the page Checkliste Einsatzbereiche Holzprodukte and the translation is 100% complete.

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Variety in the application possibilities of native woods (Foto: HOLZ VON HIER)

Fields of application for wood products in public and private use are much more diverse than one might think

In principle, sustainable building, furnishing and procurement could cover significantly more product areas than is currently the case. In addition to fair-trade coffee and ecological food for the public canteen or energy-saving electrical appliances and light sources, building materials also play an important role here. The following list serves to illustrate the wide range of possible uses for wood as a building and construction material in the private, commercial and public sectors. The list is only an excerpt from the variety of possibilities and only wants to give a first impression of the diversity.

When building with wood, don't just think of 10-storey buildings. Very little wood goes into such representative buildings today. But wood can be used optimally in many areas of application. Here is a list of examples where you could use wood everywhere.

If you have more examples of categories and examples, we are looking forward to all information and suggestions.

Send us an e-mail and we will fill in the categories and examples:

category examples
Wood construction material construction timber, sawn wood, planed wood, battens, massive timber walls, glue laminated wood, wood panels
Facades and insulation thermal treated wood, wood shingles

cellulose insulation, Wood fibre insulation boards,

wood constructions crèches, kindergartens, schools, youth facilities, homes

School residences, school country homes, leisure facilities/homes, retirement homes, residences for the elderly, sports halls, other sports facilities Shopping halls, multi-purpose halls, fire brigade buildings, office and administration buildings, training and education buildings, barracks, hospitals, libraries, etc.

Special constructions from wood Bridges, towers, exercise trails etc., pavilions, churches, bus shelters, tool sheds, agricultural and forestry facilities, small buildings for camping sites, huts for hiking trails, garages, carports
Components wooden windows, wood-aluminium windows, wooden exterior doors, wooden interior doors, stairs, banisters, handrails, balconies
Floors & claddings planks, parquet, wooden tiles, wooden ceilings of any kind, wooden wall cladding
Furnitures and interior Office furniture of all kinds, chairs and tables for offices, kindergartens, schools, training buildings, theatres, workshop facilities, representation rooms of all kinds, interior fittings of all kinds of art in and on buildings
domestic timber in wet areas Wood for bathrooms, wood for wellness facilities, leisure and fun facilities, saunas, privacy screens
Energy wood Pellets, Wood chips, firewood, briquettes
Office & packaging General office supplies, stationery, drawing supplies, wrapping paper, cardboard, letter paper, envelopes, mail folders, distribution folders, binders and files
outdoor wood terraces, balcony supports, noise barriers, playgrounds, park benches, pergolas, privacy screens for motorways, waste containers, wood for parks, fences