Eco friendly waste house

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Standort Italien 10070 Coassolo Koordinaten 45° 19' 43", 7° 27' 55"



Principal Municipality of Coassolo Torinese (TO)
Address Strada statale per Coassolo
Energy planning
year fo finalisation 2017
Construction costs € brutto 15.000 €
Base area[m²] 32,32
Useful area[m²] 24,83
Cubage [m³] 54,63
Heating demand [kWh/(m²BGFa]
Technical data other object types
Project description Frame with 15 cm by 15 cm section pillars and 18 cm by 15 cm beams. Wall clad-ding by alternating overlapping of beams 15 cm by 15 cm.
Construction material timber Local chestnut (Castanea sativa), 6,436 m3
Construction processing
Information on regionality Valli di Lanzo (TO)
Further information