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This page is a translated version of the page Gemeindehaus Innerbraaz and the translation is 100% complete.

Standort Österreich 6751 Innerbraz Koordinaten 47° 8' 52", 9° 54' 24"

Gemeindehaus Innerbraaz.jpg

Principal Community of Innerbraaz
Energy planning
year fo finalisation 2017
Construction costs € brutto
Base area[m²]
Useful area[m²]
Cubage [m³]
Heating demand [kWh/(m²BGFa]
Heatingsystem wood chips
Technical data other object types
Project description Embedded in the topography, the positioning of the building forms generous public and private outdoor areas. In addition to the municipal office, the compact structure includes a spacious, brightly lit music rehearsal room and a childcare centre with a playground. A new staircase on the east side of the building leads to the existing school complex. In the room-high glazed entrance area of the community centre, two open staircases form the access. The interior areas are clad in untreated wood surfaces and create a warm atmosphere. The outer shell consists of prefabricated timber construction elements and blends unobtrusively into the surroundings. Differentiated openings and different vertical arrangements of the wooden lathing give each building view its own face.
Construction material timber White fir panelling, insulation battens, vapour barrier, cellulose 25cm wood stud insulation, 5cm soft fibre, windproofing, rear ventilation, white fir exterior cladding.
Planning Arch. DI Johannes Nägele , Vandans
Construction processing Sutter Holzbau GmbH, Ludesch
Information on regionality "The tender did not specifically require that native wood be used. We didn't know whether so much native silver fir would be available. We would do that differently today. It was important to us that the craftsmen who carried out the work came from the region, and this was largely achieved. According to information from the timber construction companies carrying out the interior work, the wood comes from the region - but this statement was not verified.
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