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Standort Deutschland 91459 Markt Erlbach Koordinaten 49° 29' 33", 10° 38' 58"

Standort Deutschland 91459 Markt Erlbach Koordinaten 49° 29' 33", 10° 38' 58"


It is a senior citizens' residence in a timber frame construction. Special features are:

  1. The object had lower construction costs than a comparable solid construction.
  2. The use of wood from Hier is part of the developer's sustainability strategy, along with the timber construction method in general and an innovative social concept.

Principal AWO SELA Markterlbach.jpg
Carbon Savings A total of 212 m³ of spruce timber was used, which accumulated a transport backpack from the forest of 174 km. CO2 savings by using wood certified according to Hier Hier certified wood instead of other origins: (a) national average: 8,300 kg; (b) construction timber spruce from Scandinavia: 10,450 kg; (c) construction timber spruce from Siberia: 62,600 kg. a - c represent different scenarios in case of either unknown anonymous origin of the timber (a) or origin from main import countries for the assortments (b/c).
Energy planning SELA Seniorenhaus & Saco Architekten, Trogen
year of finalisation 2013
Construction costs € brutto
Project description
Construction process
Further Information
Proof of regionality Certificate of Holz von Hier

Tpe of building

Residence for elderly people

Type of building Dormitories


Zimmerei Übler, Langenfeld

Construction company, carpentry, wood house builder: Zimmerei Übler, Langenfeld
Joiner, interior specialists, furnitures, flooring:
Heating, electronics, lighting, others:


Walls, elements, roofs: SW Ziegler, Betzenmmühle
Components: Windows, doors, stairs, balkonies:
Material, Products for interior finishing, furnitures a.a:
Wall, ceiling, floors:
outdoor furnitures:

building / construction / renovation

Product: KVH
Timber species: Spruce
Volume m³/m²/Stck: 212 m³
Proof of regionality: Holz von Hier Certificate



wood energy