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Standort Slovenia 3000 Celje Koordinaten 46° 14' 19", 15° 14' 45"


The bulding is a Tree House Tree observatory in urban forest near city of Celjeis a public facility which serves as a platform for pedagogic and cultural activities: workshops, exhibitions, concerts, contemplations, team buildings, etc.

Bauherr Architectural Studio Ostan Pavlin d.o.o. Tree House Celje.jpg
Carbon Savings
EnergiePlanung no information
Jahr der Fertigstellung 2015
Baukosten € brutto 70.000 EUR
Adresse the tower is placed In the urban forest just above the city center of Celje
Projektbeschreibung wooden tower in the forest
Planungsprozess Architectural Studio Ostan Pavlin d.o.o.; Aleksander Ostan, udia., Director
Bauabwicklung MBT hiše Co
Weitere Informationen www.celje.siandmanyothers; atelje@ostanpavlin.si
Nachweis für Holz der kurzen Wege


The planer and BSC noted: " The bulding is a Tree House Tree observatory in urban forest near city of Celjeis. ... The central part of construction is a load-bearing cottage fastened between six trees to which geometry of building with six branches and median terraces is connected. There are twice curved stairs inside of wooden tower leading to the platform. Project was initiated by Celje regional unit of the Slovene Forest Service and Municipality of Celje (MC), and financed and implemented within Interreg project “Green for grey”. Studio OstanPavlin was within this project selected for designing tree house at the public tender. Wooden structure is conceptualized as a naturally integrated poetry of forms which grows out of the location; it is »site specific« and therefore a fusion of natural-organic and abstract-authorial »art language«. Wooden equipment inside of it is modular and mobile, and house with all of it’s elements was made out of wood of Douglas fir which was cut down at the exactly right time of year in the very same Celje urban forest where the tree house now stands."

There is also noted: " Implementation of the building on the height of 6 meters above ground and between 6 trees was a very special situation, so the whole process of constructing was also a very interesting experience: all had been learning, from designers till constructors, from foresters till future house managers. For such unique solution which is so organically integrated into nature not only a special inspiration was needed, but also a very precise consideration about implementation. Each element is unique and not part of usual ‘’retangular structure’’ (je “out of the box”). In the synergy of all that a very interesting creation was born which has become a ‘’trade mark’’ of Celje and Celje urban forest. Apart of wood as a main construction cornerstone of the cottage, a following materials were also used: concrete for basements, steel for joints, sheet metal for covering and glass for windows and solar tube". and furtehr: "Tree house has been during constructing phase and after that supplemented: after it became evident that something very special will come out, also it’s standards, initially “low-tech” have been raised (there is a small kitchen to prepare basic drinks in the house, while public toilet and wetland wastewater treatment plant was designed next to the tree house). There are quotations about the richness of forest and human’s deep connections with forest on the glasses in the building. During the implementation an external scene for events was created which enables to carry out different cultural events (lectures, concerts, school in nature, literary evenings …) just next to the tree house. In doing this, a natural ramp was upgraded with solid (vandalism resisted) wooden benches, to which a wooden stage was added (geometrically ‘’trapped’’ between this new amphitheater and existing forest path".

Gebäudetyp Türme


The planer noted as constructor: "Main implementor of wooden constructions was chosen at the public tender, that is MBT hiše Co. Among subcontractors the most important was Hercog Co. for constructing basements". Addidtionally is noted: " Studio Ostan Pavlin; author and responsible manager of project Aleksander Ostan, udia., co-authors Nataša Pavlin, udia., members of team Dušan Moll, udiaand Saša Malenšek, udia. Building construction: CBD doo. (Bruno Dujič, Jure Jančar and Iztok Šušteršič, alludig.)" As execution of construction work it is noted: "MBT hiše Co". The planer noted: "All wooden elements were made out of local wood (Douglas fir wood in various forms, from glued wood till façade coating), cutted down in the urban forest of Celje." The planer noted: "Majority of construction is made out of Douglas fir wood from Celje urban forest: glued wood as constructing pillars (primary construction, vacum coated), elements of secundary construction which have remained in natural condition, walls and facades coating (unprotected/non-treated, natural). Some 50 m3 of wood was used (See the confirmation documenty by Celje regional unite of Slovene forest Service)".

Bauunternehmer, Zimmerei, Hausbauer: MBT hiše Co
Schreinerei, Inneneinrichter, Möbelbauer, Bodenleger: not relevant
Heizung, Technik, Elektronik, Beleuchtung, sonstige Technik: not relevant


As supply and processing chain ist noted: "Wood was supplied by district foresters of Celje regional unite of Slovenien forest Service (Robert Hostnik, Boštjan Hren) hoalds and organized processing oft his wood (drying, sawing, etc.)". As transportation over the whole processing chain is noted: "Considering that wood used for tree house was cut down in the same urban forest where house now stands, the transport distances were minimal (drying, sawing, … was done at thesame location)".

Außen/Innenwände, -elemente, Dachstühle: Slovenien forest Service (Robert Hostnik, Boštjan Hren)
Dämmung: not relevant
Fassaden: not relevant
Bauelemente: Fenster, Türen, Treppen, Balkone: not relevant
Material, Produkte zur Raumgestaltung, Raumteiler, Einbaumöbel u.a: Slovenien forest Service (Robert Hostnik, Boštjan Hren)
Wand, Decke, Böden: Slovenien forest Service (Robert Hostnik, Boštjan Hren)
Möbel: not relevant
Möbel-/Geräte für Außen (z.B. Bänke): not relevant
Energieträger: not relevant

Gebäude / Konstruktion / Sanierung





The CO2 comparisons for the building were calculated by HOLZ VON HIER (with official statistics). This data sheet has been filled by HOLZ VON HIER at 29.01.2019, with data from BSC. BSC is a regional organisation and the regional Slovenian contact point in the European project CASCO. BSC hands over and checked the documents for this building. For comments or additions please contact Jelena Vidovic: jelena.vidovic@bsc-kranj.si

HOLZ VON HIER notes: The CO2 calculations are not made under the normal HOLZ VON HIER certification scheme. The calculations were made based on the wood house builders information and has the status of a self-declaration. The chain of custody can not be seen from these documents. This calculation was made in the frame of the European project CASCO.