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This page is a translated version of the page Rechtsgutachten, Urteile, Regelwerke and the translation is 100% complete.

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Is wood of short distances or the eco-label HOLZ VON HIER resp. LOW CARBON TIMBER allowed as a criterion in public tenders? Here you will find the relevant legal opinions, court decisions or laws and regulations.

Legal opinions

In German language: Expert opinion on the use of the eco-label HOLZ VON HIER in public procurement. Prof. Frenz, European Law, THRW Aachen. Author of the Handbook on European Law. Gutachten_Prof._Frenz.ogg

Expert opinion on the use of the Ecolabel HOLZ VON HIER in public procurement. Prof. Knauff, European and Commercial Law, University of Erfurt.


Expert opinion of the Environmental Association Vorarlberg as competence and service centre for sustainable public procurement in Vorarlberg.


In english language: Legel opinion upon the usability of the environmental label Holz von Hier in green public procurement.


Court decisions

Court ruling of the OLG Rostock on the question of the conformity of transport restrictions with the contract award procedure:


Lwas and regulations

Italian National Action Plan on Sustainable Public Procurement (Piano d'Azione Nazionale sul Green Public Procurement - PANGPP). See page 64, point 2.6.5 on the issue of transport restrictions.