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This page is a translated version of the page Downloadbereich and the translation is 100% complete.

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Merchandising and gifts
Here you will find interesting merchandising articles and small gift ideas made of wood of short distances.

Merchandisingartikel Geschenkideen Link zu einem SPN Shop.

Gifts made of wood of short distances are beautiful and ecological (Foto: HOLZ VON HIER)
Flyer Poster
Here you will find flyers and posters and a list of printers who will print them on paper from proven wood of short distances.

Flyer und Poster overview

Domestic wood is an ecological building material of the future (Foto: HOLZ VON HIER)
Shopping guide
Simply call up the shopping guide on the move as a page on the Smart Places App. Buy local woods instead of endangered tropical woods. Shopping guide with the name of endangered tropical woods on the European market: Endangered tropical woods - no thanks' Avoid palm oil in products. List of product groups in which palm oil is contained for travel: Palmöl nein danke
Sustainable shopping is not only fun, but also shows responsibility for future generations (Foto: HOLZ VON HIER buy photocase)
useful links
Here you will find useful addresses of organisations in the Alpine region dealing with forests, wood and climate.

Organizations for forest, wood and climate in the Alpine region that you can write to and contact. Picture pens made of local wood (Foto: HOLZ VON HIER)