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This page is a translated version of the page Spielen Lernen Mitgestalten and the translation is 100% complete.

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Find the most beautiful hiking trails on the subject of forests in the Alpine region. Get to know our native trees on the way: Domestic tree species.

Our caches are eco-geocaches. That means, we want to show people the nature and our regions, forests and wood products, but not harm nature and environment. Definition of Eco GeoCach.

Types of Eco GeoCaches that we offer in the Smart Places network Eco GeoCach types

Öko GeoCach find hiking trails and places: Eco GeoCach maps and starts

The trail is also the destination, because many forest hiking trails are so beautiful (Foto: HOLZ VON HIER)
Paper chases
Bring movement to the next birthday party. Whether you're 8 or 80, scavenger hunts are always in. Test forest, wood, climatic paper chases for the young and the young at heart.


A map with bases and providers for the Thematic paper chases in your regions, where you can also get gift ideas made of wood of the short distances, can be found here: paper chases providers and locations

Search, find, rejoice, scavenger hunters like (almost) everyone (Foto: HOLZ VON HIER)
Video Award
We award prizes for the best short films on the subject of forests and wood in the Alps. Tell your 5-minute story on the topic.

Here you will find the Video Award conditions of participation and the application forms:

Video Award Conditions of participation

Animals of the forest are very photogenic, like here a fire salamander (Foto: HOLZ VON HIER)
Holzi and friends
More about Holzi and his friends here soon. How can I get to know "Sumse" and the other friends of Holzi? More about the action Holzi and friends from May on Webseite HOLZ VON HIER
"Sumse" the girlfriend of "Holzi" is getting ready to discover smart places with you. Picture: "Sumse" shortly before departure (Foto: HOLZ VON HIER)
participate in our surveys!.


Thank you very much for taking part in the surveys (Foto: HOLZ VON HIER)
Environmental Quiz
Test your environmental knowledge.

climate protection through short ways: [climate protection through short ways]

tree species quiz: [tree species quiz]

Protecting the climate and the environment with heart and knowledge (Foto: HOLZ VON HIER)
My timber
Each native wood has its own special properties and character. Which wood suits you best? Look for evidence of climate-friendly short distances, because the distribution areas of potentially native wood species extend far beyond our regions. Find out more:

our domestic timber species

distributionmaps of domestic tree species

Flyer: Flyer origin and use of native and tropical woods


More than 60 tree species grow in our sustainably managed native forests. Your wood is certainly among them. Get to know the variety and beauty of native woods in wood products of short distances (Foto: HOLZ VON HIER)
My Design
Here you will soon find more information about a campaign in the field of design with wood of short distances.

Design is more than just "looking pretty"