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|Adresse=Alta Valsesia – Alpe Argnaccia
|Adresse=Alta Valsesia – Alpe Argnaccia
|Jahr der Fertigstellung=2013
|Jahr der Fertigstellung=2013
|Baukosten € brutto=100.000 €
|Baukosten € brutto
|Grundfläche (m²)=105
|Grundfläche (m²)=105
|Nutzfläche (m²)=90
|Nutzfläche (m²)=90

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Standort Italien 13023 Campertogno Koordinaten 45° 47' 53", 8° 1' 57"



Bauherr Private owner
Adresse Alta Valsesia – Alpe Argnaccia
Jahr der Fertigstellung 2013
Baukosten € brutto
Grundfläche [m²] 105
Nutzfläche [m²] 90
Kubatur [m³] 420
Heizwärmebedarf [kWh/(m²BGFa] 10 quintals per 2 months per year and main summer
Heizungsart Firewood
Technische Daten andere Objekte
Projektbeschreibung Refurbishment of an existing building with roof’s renovation and internal and external carpentry work, including the replacement of windows and doors with new solid wood windows with improved energy efficiency The masonry work and the laying of the wood were carried out by a building craftsman, while the laying of the windows and doors and the carpentry work were carried out by our carpenters.
Baustoff Holz Round beam of larch (Larix decidua). Beads and planks in larch for covering walls and for structural work, 25 m3
Informationen zur Regionalität Val Sermenza (Municipalities of Boccioleto and Rimasco - VC)
Weitere Informationen http://www.segheriagiordano.com/