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==Building / Construction / Renovation==
==Building / Construction / Renovation==
{{Holz Konstruktion
{{Holz Konstruktion englisch

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Standort Deutschland 95111 Rehau Koordinaten 50° 14' 54", 12° 4' 21"

Standort Deutschland 95111 Rehau Koordinaten 50° 14' 54", 12° 4' 21"

General information

It is a five-storey wooden building, which is designed as a dormitory with an integrated canteen. Special features are:

  1. The object is completely built in wood, including the lift shaft and staircase
  2. It was built cost-effectively in modular construction.
  3. In interior finishing, 'inferior' wood assortments (e.g. C-wood) were also given value
Principal Optimal Immobilien GmbH Rehau; Schülerwohnheim Rehau.jpg
Carbon Savings
Energy planning
year of finalisation 2009
Construction costs € brutto
Address Goethestr. 6, 95111 Rehau
Project description
Planning MH Modulholz
Construction process MH Modulholz
Further Information
Proof of regionality

Type of building

Residence, multi-storey

Type of building Residence, multi-storey


Construction company, carpentry, wood house builder: MH Modulholz GmbH
Joiner, interior specialists, furnitures, flooring: MH Modulholz GmbH
Heating, electronics, lighting, others:


Walls, elements, roofs: GELO Holzwerke, Weißenstadt (KVH) / Sägewerk Richter, Weißenstadt (Rohdielen) /
Components: Windows, doors, stairs, balkonies: Gleitsmann GmbH, Wipfeld
Material, Products for interior finishing, furnitures a.a:
Wall, ceiling, floors: Gleitsmann GmbH, Wipfeld
outdoor furnitures:

Building / Construction / Renovation

Product: KVH
Timber species: spruce
Volume m³/m²/Stck: 150
Proof of regionality: Holz von Hier Certificate
Produkt: Sonstiges
Holzart: spruce
Menge m³/m²/Stck: 250
Nachweis Regionalität: Holz von Hier Certificate


Produkt: planks
Holzart: Oak
Menge m³/m²/Stck: 43
Nachweis Regionalität: Holz von Hier certificate