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This page is a translated version of the page Unsere heimischen Hölzer and the translation is 100% complete.

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Exploring the beauty of domestic timber !

Do we really need tropical wood or wood from primeval forests to live in a beautiful and stylish way?

See for yourself the variety and beauty of native wood species from our sustainably managed forests. Most people only know our main tree species such as spruce, pine, oak or beech. If you want diversity in the managed native forest, you have to use this diversity in the regions, too, because in managed forests, it is mainly those tree species that are planted and cared for that can be set down. This in turn requires a diversity of different buyers and processing companies in our regions. A monostructured timber industry leads to monostructured forests. Our managed "old sustainable forests" in Europe are by no means comparable with wood from monostructured plantations in the tropics (even if they are managed sustainably).

However, please remember that even wood species potentially found in our forests can have very long distances behind them. Therefore always ask for real proof of the short climate-friendly distances when you next buy wood.

timber pictures: HOLZ VON HIER

Gallery - a selection of domestic timber