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This page is a translated version of the page Öko GeoCach Arten and the translation is 100% complete.

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Nature is beautiful but also vulnerable. There is a tension between protection and use. Climate protection and regional value creation must come together. This is what we take into account and communicate in our EcoGeoCaches (Foto: HOLZ VON HIER)


We would like to offer here on the platform only caches that have an ecological background, that convey knowledge, serve the transfer of information or lead to beautiful places in nature or interesting places. Therefore we call them '"EcoGeocaches". All our caches have to do with forest, wood of short distances and climate protection and the caches all respect the established ecological principles.

types of eco geo caches

There will beo the following types of eco geo caches:

Types of EcoGeoCaches Definition
EcoGeoCache traditional = Sscavenger hunt according to geo-coordinates This is the original type of geocache. It is the geo-coordinate-based form of a traditional "paper chase" that involves two or more stations (with coordinates), with a clue to the next one at each station. At the end you will be rewarded with the discovery of a small gift. In geocaching you will usually find a container at the end of the hunt at the coordinates given, with small exchange items and a logbook. You take out one item and put in another and enter data in the logbook.
EcoGeoCache Reverse This Cache can be understood as the opposite of a traditional geocache, because instead of finding a hidden container, you look for a special object and log its coordinates.
EcoGeoCache environmantal quiz During the ÖkoGeoCache, environmental quiz questions have to be answered to get to the next station.
EcoGeoCache forest & tree knowledge Analogous to the "EarthCaching" of the "Geological Society of America", which thus leads to interesting geological places, with "ForestCaching" we want to lead to interesting forests, views in the forest, forest nature trails or forest hiking trails. Interesting information will be available here via QR codes placed there. In addition, a listing will be made available to answer questions on site.
EcoGeoCache Timber Timber Caching with interesting facts about the construction and material wood and the importance of wood of short distances for climate and environment.
EcoGeoCache Climate Action These caches are based on the one hand on fixed caches independent of space and on the other hand on the reports and results of the climate scouts. All caches of this type have something to do with climate protection through wood of short distances or and how you can contribute to climate protection yourself in a very practical way.
EcoGeoCahce Design This ÖkoGeoCach Art shows wood design in the landscape and in certain places. This means wood design in modern form but also traditional wood design. At the locations the downloads for the cach give explanations about modern design in wood and traditional building methods with wood. QR Codes on site or the Smart Places app sometimes provide pictures and films.
EcoGeoCache - Learn & Play This ÖkoGeoCach Art is especially suitable for children who want to expand their knowledge about forest wood and climate and collect smilies in places or along paths. Descriptions can be found on the downloads and the SP APP.
EcoGeoCache - open doors This ÖkoGeoCach Art is an event cache that exists only temporarily either at special events in places like museums, open-air museums, botanical gardens, zoos, in the forest or at open days at companies. All events have something to do with forest and wood, short distances, environment and climate. After the event, the caches are archived and can be used again at another event.
Cache-In-Trash-Out-Event (CITO) "Cache In Trash Out" is an environmental initiative of the geocaching community with the aim to clean up landscape areas from rubbish and help to keep them in good condition while caching. These events are larger gatherings of geocachers. Such caches are already being organised by some cities and forest owners with the aim of removing waste from the environment and the forest, which often would not be possible without the help of dedicated geocachers on larger areas.