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This page is a translated version of the page Definition Öko GeoCach and the translation is 100% complete.

Definition EcoGeoCache

EcoGeoCaches are part of the Smart Places presented in the Smart Places network.

EcoGeocaches show us outstanding places or routes in terms of forest, wood, climate, on which all necessary measures are observed so as not to impair nature. The focus is on the experience of nature, not a schnizel hunt at any price.

Creation of EcoGeoCaches

The ÖkoGeoCaches are created by the Smart Places Contact Points Contacts and by Smart Paces Scouts included in the Smart Places network.

Rules of EcoGeoCaches

The following rules for caches will be good for real ÖkoGeoCachers. We want to show you all beautiful places in a nature-friendly way. GeoCaching and scavenger hunts that go everywhere and have no rules here have nothing to do with our ÖkoGeoCaching.

The vast majority of GeoCachers are generally very responsible people. Families who want to cache on a weekend trip, friends who want to cache on vacation, travelers who want to find new places to enjoy the magic of the place and nature. These are exactly what our caches will like.

Perhaps, together with our caches, we can all convey a good approach to nature and in the forest and name basic rules of conduct. Much often happens carelessly or out of ignorance. For example, creating a cache in a crevice in which bats also sleep.

Aspekt Remark
Responsibility instead of thoughtlessness Places in which nature would be endangered by too many visitors because there are no suitable protective measures such as barriers or paths do not become EcoGeoCach.
responsible nature observation Areas that are valuable in terms of nature conservation and that can guide visitors in lanes, such as a circular hiking trail along a forest bog or the like, are of course ideal smart places and can also contain EcoGeoCaches along the way.
No caches in sensitive locations Sensitive locations are rock faces (rock breeders), steep walls on rivers (breeding sites for cave breeders such as kingfisher, bee-eater and others), moors (endangered locations), protected forests (e.g. yew forest), nature reserves (that is actually a matter of course). Of course, none of these become EcoGeoCaches themselves. An Eco-GeoCache can only be set up here at a more appropriate distance if the locations can be viewed from a distance and without interference.
No Caching on private land Places on private property are taboo. This also includes places in a private forest, to or in a forest in which there is no publicly accessible path. ÖkoGeoCaches do not go through the middle of the forest but lead along forest paths. This is also important for insurance and private law reasons.
Open House Caches Individual company locations or products cannot be an ÖkoGeoCach, unless an event or open day on the topic of forest, wood, climate takes place here.