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pencils from domestic wood (Foto: HOLZ VON HIER)

Here you can find Label profiles on European Eco-labels

HOLZ VON HIER (HVH) - Low Carbon Timber

HVH is a European climate and environmental label for products made of wood of short distances (CoC Standard) with round timber from sustainably managed domestic forests (proof of FM certificates for the round timber: FM-FSC, FM-PEF or comparable).

All product groups made of wood and NaWaRo (including paper, pulp, wood energy) and buildings (the wood in buildings) are certified.



FSC and PEFC are worldwide forest labels. They certify sustainable forest management through the respective forest management standard (FM-FSC, FM-PEFC). The CoC standards of the forest labels (CoC-FSC, CoC-PEFC) refer to all products made of wood, including paper and energy wood. The origin of products with the CoC-FSC or CoC-PEFC certificate is worldwide.




Natureplus is strongly represented in the areas of paints and insulation materials, but in principle certifies all products and material groups. Of the certified products (approx. 641), 15% are NaWaRo insulation materials and 2% are wood flooring (especially multi-layer parquet and laminate).


Blue angel

The Blue Angel, the oldest eco-label in the world, has already certified > 14,000 products, primarily in the areas of electrical appliances, IT, paints, varnishes and recycled paper. About 0.6% of the certified products are wood products.


Ecolabel (EU flower)

The EU Flower is to be seen analogous to the Blue Angel. Of the products certified so far (774), especially in the household products sector, about 8% are paper products. Apart from that, there are no wood products on the list of certified products.


Austrian ecolabel

In principle, the Austrian ecolabel certifies all product and material groups. About 10% of its certified products (438) are wood products and 3% paper products.


Nordic Swan

The Nordic Swan mainly certifies buildings and energy products. So far, 5% of its certificates (2,578) have been awarded for small buildings made of wood.


EPEA (also known as Cradle to Cradle)

EPEA is a now American environmental label that certifies all types of products. Of the products certified so far (490) 3% are wood products and 1% paper products.


The following label profiles are supplemented because they are also relevant as environmental labels in the EU. However, they are mainly awarded for electrical appliances, computers and lamps.